Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board



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Peter Marshall, R.P.F. (Chair) - British Columbia

Jason Pond, R.P.F. - Newfoundland and Labrador

Robert Young, R.P.F. - Nova Scotia

Roger Roy, f.a. - New Brunswick

Germain Paré, ing.f. - Quebec

Faye Johnson, R.P.F. - Ontario

John Daisley, R.P.F. - Saskatchewan

David Blackmore, R.P.F. - Alberta

Bruce Dancik, R.P.F. - Canadian Institute of Forestry

Alternate Members

Glen Knee, R.P.F. - Newfoundland and Labrador

Peter Burchill, R.P.F. - Nova Scotia

Rod O'Connell, R.P.F. - New Brunswick

Pierre Breton, ing.f. - Quebec

David Winston, R.P.F. (Ret.) - Ontario

Peggy McDougall, R.P.F. - Saskatchewan

Charles Backman, R.P.F. - Alberta

Casey Macaulay, R.P.F. - British Columbia

Vacant - Canadian Institute of Forestry